International healthcare insurances for young expatriates around the World

Young expatriates are more and more numerous, and live different experiences abroad. for example: students, internships/trainees, working holiday visa, … The following countries of expatriation are probably the most attractive ones : Canada, Australia, United Kingdom.

But other countries are competing such as USA, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium

To cover these young expatriates during their stay abroad, we propose several international healthcare insurances. Or packs whic ahve often been designed especially for them.

Young expatriates

Young expatriates from France

If you are a French expatriate and you want to secure / optimize your conditions, please consider la Caisse des Français de l’Etranger. We recommand you to subscribe to CFE before leaving your home country. It will offer you many advantages, and ease your return to France.

young expatriates

More information for young expatriates’ insurances

If you would like to receive an exclusive Moncey Assurances’ comparator, please submit your request on line. These comparators are only available for expats who stay abroad at least 12 months.


Young expatriates

Most popular insurances

Indigo Expat OnePack

Indigo Expat OnePack is an international health insurance for expatriates who are covered by CFE. The coverage is comprehensive, and the agreement with CFE is very efficient. Indigo Expat OnePack is subscribed by French expatriates …

Indigo Expat WeCare

Indigo Expat WeCare is an international healthcare insurance dedicated to expats. This international medical insurance is selected by expatriates who are eligible and who will reside abroad for at least 12 months. …

Start Expat insurance

Start Expat insurance is an international insurance package which covers you abroad from 1 to 12 months. The following benefits are covered: hospitalization, medical expenses, assistance and repatriation, death and disability, …

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