Start Expat insurance, international coverage for expatriates up to 65 y.o.

First of all, Start Expat insurance is an international insurance package which covers you abroad from 1 to 12 monthsThus, this plan could meet your needs and expectations if you are going abroad for travel or for a short term assignment. I.e. if you reside temporarily in another country for any reason.

Start Expat insurance

Start Expat insurance – conditions

First, download and read carefully the following conditions. To do so, click on words written in electric blue here after. The following benefits are covered: medical expenses, assistance and repatriation, accidental death and disability. To conclude, personal third party liability and rental civil liability, lugage insurance are also included in the pack.

download the documentStart Expat insurance Brochure 

download the documentGeneral Conditions

Next, create and receive your free quote online.

Start Expat insurance

Finally, apply online and receive your documents by email!


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Start Expat insurance

Start Expat insurance – highlights

Here are some advantages of Start Expat for you:

  • A simple and competitive insurance plan covering you in the event of an accident or unforseen illness,
  • An overall limit of 250 000 Euro for hospitalization and medical expenses,
  • Hospital precertification and direct payment ,
  • Claims departments available round-the-clock 24/7,
  • Network of healthcare providers worldwide,
  • On-line management of your plan to submit and check the progress of your healthcare claims and edit your insurance ID card on-line.

Start Expat – other plans

You can only enroll to Start Expat on an individual basisIf you are leaving as a couple, you need to fill out two individual enrollment forms. If you are leaving as a family (spouse + children), please contact our sales team who will offer you a solution more adapted to your situation.

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start expat insurance

Legal considerations

Please note that subscribing to an international health insurance does not free you from local regulation, and our plans are not substitute for local mandatory insurances.